Waterproof membranes

Waterproof membranes is a moisture resistant insulation used in combination with ceramic tiles. They can be used in a wide range of applications for example in bathrooms, balconies and public toilets. Our type of membrane possesses qualities such as: water resistance, steam-proof, elasticity, durability and aging. They can be used in conjuction with other waterproof materials for example: tapes and corners.

MU 012x50
MU 1 x 1
  • Insulation membrane

  • 1m x 1m

MU 1 x 1
  • Insulation membrane

  • 1m x 2m

MU 1 x 2
  • Insulation membrane

  • 1m x 3m

MU 1 x 3
  • Insulation membrane

  • 1m x 15m

MU 1 x 15
  • Insulation tape 12cm x 6m

MU 012X6
  • Insulation tape 12cm x 50m

MU 012X50
  • Inner corner

  • Outer corner


Installation in bathroom